Delta Telephone Company was founded in 1959 to operate telephone systems in and around Louise, Isola and Holly Bluff, Mississippi. Over the years, Delta Telephone has added customers in and around Eagle Lake, Ackerman, Chester and Merigold, and today provides service not only to Mississippi customers, but also to a small number of Louisiana customers.

Delta Telephone Company prides itself on keeping up with the latest technology to provide our customers with the best quality service available. We provide our services over approximately 120 miles of fiber optic cable within seven exchange areas. In fact, Delta Telephone has been digital since the late 80s when all of our central offices were upgraded to new digital equipment. Currently, all Delta Telephone customers are connected to each other and to the nationwide network using pure fiber-optics and SS7 technology for enhanced quality Internet, Digital TV and telephone connections.

To ensure that you have all the services you need when you need them, we have installed emergency generating equipment at all our central office locations so that you have continued service in the case that electric service goes down. Additionally, the majority of Delta Telephone’s cables to the subscriber locations have been placed underground to reduce the threat of loss of service during ice and wind storms.

Delta Telephone has two convenient locations in Ackerman and Louise open Monday through Friday from 8 to 5. We also have construction and maintenance crews in all of our service areas so we can respond promptly to trouble and service requests.